Letter to the editor: Problems with Murrysville school proposal

November 14, 2018

No one is interested in solving the root problem of the proposed school construction in Murrysville. The school board and council have all studied “capacities,” but they ignore the most fundamental: the capacity of the tax base to finance projects into the future.

The board has estimated a 4.75 mil tax increase to fund construction. We can anticipate its usual 2.5 mil/year budget increase. The latter is real, as pension costs are known to increase from their current 33 percent to 38 percent in the future.

Council’s condition of Franklin Regional School District posting a $2.3 million bond unrestricted and after the fact is suspect as to accuracy, and, regardless, comes out of the same pocket. Real impact of imminent development at Heritage Estates, Misty Meadows and Meadowink and the cost of acquiring right-of-way for three-lane modification is likely underestimated.

Lighting is to be severely restricted. As school board member Dennis Pavlik pointed out, there are real safety/security concerns that have not been addressed by council.

The surest way to devastate a community is to increase taxes beyond the capacity of the property to attract and hold residents. Solve the real problem!

Lawrence Keller


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