SPENGA opens first Texas studio in The Woodlands

October 8, 2018

Yet another unique workout concept is calling The Woodlands home.

Spenga, a studio that combines spinning, strength training and yoga, opened its first Texas location in Waterway Square on Oct. 2.

The workout is unlike anything else available today and incorporates the three basic tenets of a good workout, said Roger McGreal, who co-founded Spenga in 2015 with fellow career fitness instructors Amy Nielsen and Heather Ruff.

“We didn’t see a single workout that focused on (cardio, strength and flexibility),” McGreal said. “So we set out to build the most efficient and effective workout.”

Location owner Chris Pierron said each workout is a 60-minute session beginning with cardio — spinning on stationary bikes set with a system of Spenga’s own creation that allows members of all fitness levels to get the same workout. Then, attendees participate in strength training — reflected by the “eng” in the studios’ name — followed by yoga to round out the workout and relax the body.

“(With yoga), we take away the hormones and fight or flight out of our system and go back into the world is happy and in a calm place,” Pierron said.

McGreal said The Woodlands is a perfect market to introduce Spenga to Texas. As the ninth national location, the area is well-known for having an active population — another studio is under construction in Montrose and several more are in development in greater Houston.

“Looking into demographics, we saw that the market was great for the Spenga concept,” McGreal said. “We knew it would do well here.”

Pierron said the studio is a breath of fresh air to those who are tired of using what he calls big-box gyms. Although not quite personal training, the studio’s classes max out at 24 and Spenga’s proprietary cardio technology allows those who aren’t as physically apt to compete at the same level as more athletic members. For the first few months, Pierron said, the studio will offer about 25 classes a week. As demands and membership grow, that number is likely to rise to around 70.

“We get to know people on a personal level,” Pierron said. “You’re not just a number.”

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