MARION, Ill. (AP) _ He was a track and field champion of the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, and his silver medal has sat in a safe deposit box since.

Now the daughter of Levi Casey's old girlfriend, to whom he had given the silver medal and others all those years ago, is trying to find his family to give them back.

``If that were my father or grandfather, it would mean a lot to me to have them back,'' Martha Strickland said.

Her mother, Ruth Mitchell, had dated Casey around the time he competed in the 1928 Games. He gave her the silver medal he won in the triple jump, Strickland says, and when the couple split, he told her to keep them.

Casey died in Oklahoma in 1984. His last known address was in Tulsa, Okla.

Strickland also knows that Casey had a brother, Gomer, and was living in Los Angeles when he made the Olympic team at a qualifying competition in Cambridge, Mass. But the trail ends there.

For Strickland, who lives in Birmingham, Ala., the quest for Casey's family means something more than doing a good deed. It means remembering her mother, who died in 1993 with Casey's medals on her mind.

``Mother said those medals would mean a lot to his children and grandchildren,'' Strickland said. ``I certainly would want to honor how she felt.''