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Baby Arrives with Telephoned Help

February 5, 1986

WESTMINSTER, Calif. (AP) _ A fire department dispatcher talked a woman through a home delivery, then offered congratulations as the new mother awaited the arrival of paramedics.

Ella Youngblood, 38, of Westminster, and her infant son were resting comfortably at Fountain Valley Medical Center after the delivery Monday, said Huntington Beach Fire Deprtment dispatcher Nancy Fuhrmann on Tuesday.

Youngblood was driving on the freeway near home when she realized the baby was on its way. She rushed home and called Huntington Beach fire paramedics.

Steve Rothert, 41, an 18-year veteran dispatcher and the father of three children, talked Youngblood through the delivery of her second child. A tape recording preserved the exchange.

″The paramedics are on their way,″ Rothert said. ″When the contractions stop, just relax.

″When the contractions start, you just start your panting breathing. You have to concentrate.″

Youngblood suddenly cried: ″He’s out. He’s out. He’s out. He’s crying.″

″That’s good,″ Rothert said. ″Wrap him up so he doesn’t get cold and put him on your belly until the paramedics arrive. Is it a boy or a girl?″

″It’s a boy,″ Youngblood said.

″Congratulations,″ Rothert said.