Donald Trump would accept ‘a little delay’ on Brett Kavanaugh

September 17, 2018

President Trump said Monday he’s willing to accept a delay in the GOP’s push to quickly confirm his pick for the Supreme Court in order to sort out new allegations, but said he’s still backing his man, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“Never even had a little blemish on his record,” Mr. Trump said.

The president said he hasn’t spoken with the judge since allegations became public last week that the judge, while a high school student, attempted to force himself on another student.

But Mr. Trump brushed aside the suggestion that Judge Kavanaugh withdraw: “What a ridiculous question.”

The president said Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused the judge, deserves to be heard, but said the process has been tainted after Democrats had her allegation in hand in July but didn’t pursue it until last week after the judge had sat for two days’ worth of questions.

Now, both Republicans and Democrats are searching for a fair way for her to make her allegations and for Judge Kavanaugh to respond.

GOP leaders had been aiming for a final Senate vote to confirm the judge next week, but that schedule is imperiled.

“If it takes a little delay it’ll take a little delay,” Mr. Trump said though he added it “shouldn’t be much delay.

“I’m sure it will work out very well,” he said.

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