Wayne County Commission candidate: E. Jay Marcum (R)

September 25, 2018

E Jay Marcum, candidate for Wayne County Commission

NAME: E Jay Marcum

CANDIDATE FOR: Wayne County Commission

PARTY: Republican

CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: www.marcum4commission.com

HOME CITY: Prichard


PERSONAL STATEMENT: Being born and raised in Wayne County combined with my desire to help people, started me down this path to the commission. My wife accuses me of trying to help people even when it seems impossible. I believe my years in the industrial world, my education and owning several businesses based in Wayne County, provides me the right amount of experience to be an asset in the Commission. My plans are to help our county face the many obstacles we have using my knowledge and years of common sense to create a better future for us all.

AGE: 48

EDUCATION: C-K High School, Marshall University, HVAC, Industrial Maintenance and OSHA classes over the last 30 years.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Industrial Maintenance and Equipment Operator, Business Owner.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: HVAC, Steel of WV, Owner of Quality Lumber, Maintenance Team in Marathon Refinery, owner of two restaurants, class A CDL and National Mobile Crane License in 6 categories.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Past member of Kenova Volunteer Fire Department.

FAMILY: wife, Kathy; sons, Mario and Mason.

1. What are the three most pressing problems the county faces?

Managing our resources better, keeping our budgets under control, increase efforts to provide better county services. The continued growth and problems with the drugs, we have never faced this situation, our county needs additional help dealing with this situation to stop it. Our continued problems with the services at the Regional jail to house prisoners has become too much of a burden.

2. How would you implement better county planning?

Having quality people, educated and experienced with accurate information, is the start for any successful plan. New technologies and ideas will help our county. All projects should be researched well and staffed with local people when possible. I believe there is room for improvement, to stop waste and streamline every program or department in Wayne County.

3. What will you do to advance the Beech Fork Lodge and Hatfield-McCoy Trail projects?

Working with our State representatives is a must to advance these types of projects and ensure success. My plan since the beginning of the election is to build a road from the Beech Fork Campground to Rt. 152 in Lavalette. That not only will help our residents, it will promote business and open many options for the lodge.

4. How would you encourage economic development in the county for other projects?

Better communication with all of our existing businesses, providing help where needed, to keep them growing in Wayne County. Our need for quality internet and cell service is the first step, the completion of I-73/74 four lane to Stepptown should be top priority. Improving our infrastructure is vital to success and economic development in the future.

5. What are your budgeting priorities?

My goal is to use my years of experience in business and industry to eliminate wasted tax dollars in our county, asking the hard questions, streamlining out of date programs, cutting wasteful spending and then list our priorities based on the needs of our residents today and not from years ago. Our county needs to be brought up to date.

6. Many counties are struggling to pay their regional jail bills. Do you think the regional jail system needs to be reassessed? What changes need to be made?

In any business if something is failing, normal companies stop a process or make major changes to eliminate wasting more money. This whole system is setup to make big business show profits at the expense of our people. Our situation needs to be changed ASAP to provide quality service at decent prices. Faster court processing of prisoners will help immediately.

7. Is Prichard’s Heartland Intermodal Gateway progressing as you had hoped it would? If not, is there something the county commission can do?

This facility is not getting better for several reasons, the first being lack of commitment to completing the road from I-64. No business wants to invest in an area where the infrastructure was promised years ago and never happened. It is hard to convince a company to do business here when we haven’t completed our part for so many years.

8. How will you make sure that the Tolsia Highway expansion is a priority to the Intermodal Gateway as money is delegated for the “Roads to Prosperity Bond”?

As a commissioner it is necessary to work closely with our state delegates and Department of Highway officials. Focused on keeping this expansion project moving forward, bringing better roads to the Intermodal Gateway as well as the entire county should be a top priority, to ensure the best economic future of Wayne County.

9. How important to the county’s development is the Kenova Waterline Project? What will you do to ensure that project is completed?

Our county needs this type of infrastructure to improve in every area of the county. This is certainly a priority and necessary to the growth and development for everyone involved. I will continue to work with our existing commissioners bringing new ideas and plans for state and federal grants that are available to help this expansion.

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