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After Seeing Her Job Advertised, Woman Announces Resignation in Ad

January 24, 1994

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (AP) _ Paula Poppy thought her boss was running an ad seeking her replacement. So she used the same space to let him know she quit.

Ms. Poppy’s boss placed an ad in the Potomac News last week, seeking a receptionist to work evenings and weekends at the Dalewood Walk-in Clinic.

″I was going through the ads and saw one for where I work,″ Ms. Poppy said. ″It was basically my shift and my hours.″

She said she asked someone at work if they were looking to replace her, and was told they were.

So Ms. Poppy went to the newspaper office, wrote a check for $61.81, and took out a one-inch ad to tell her boss that ″as of 1-20-94, I quit.″

″If I had to find out through the newspaper, I decided they will find out through the newspaper,″ Ms. Poppy said.

The clinic’s owner, Jatinder Walia, said he had not seen the ad.

″I just don’t understand,″ he said. ″Doesn’t she have the courtesy to tell me she’s quitting?″

Walia would not say whether he had planned to replace Ms. Poppy. He was already down another receptionist before she quit.

Ms. Poppy had worked at the clinic for 1 1/2 years.

″At least I’m giving the man notice in writing,″ she said.

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