Complaint questions cost of Iowa governor’s flight to game

September 17, 2018

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — An attorney is alleging that Gov. Kim Reynolds’ campaign underreported the cost of a flight she took on a contractor’s jet to the Iowa State bowl game.

Gary Dickey, a Democrat who served under Gov. Tom Vilsack, filed a complaint Monday with the Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board.

It questions the cost of the flight the Republican governor took to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis on a plane owned by Sedgwick, which administers Iowa workers’ compensation claims.

Reynolds received permission from the board to accept the flight for herself, her husband and two relatives as a campaign donation from Sedgwick CEO Dave North. She’s defended the trip as a legitimate campaign expense.

Reynolds’ campaign disclosed the flight’s cost as $2,880. North says he and his wife reimbursed Sedgwick for the flight’s fair market value as determined by the company’s general counsel.

Dickey’s complaint alleges that the value was likely higher based on quotes he obtained for chartering similar aircraft.

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