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Oakland Tribune Runs Unabomber Manifesto

September 21, 1995

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ The Oakland Tribune decided to publish the full text of the Unabomber’s manifesto today because of the bomber’s possible connection to the area.

``This is a local story _ the Unabomber may live and work in this area, and much of the investigation is in the East Bay,″ said Dave Burgin, editor in chief of the Alameda Newspaper Group, the paper’s parent company.

Several of the Unabomber’s letters and bombs were mailed from Oakland, and bombs have exploded in neighboring Berkeley, Burgin noted.

``And there is always a chance that publishing the treatise for Bay Area readers could lead to the Unabomber’s apprehension,″ he said.

The Tribune’s decision came as newsstands around the San Francisco Bay area reported a deluge of requests for Tuesday’s Washington Post, which carried the 35,000-word manuscript in an agreement with The New York Times.

For today’s edition, the Tribune printed an extra 10,000 copies of its normal 90,000-paper run, with the separate, eight-page supplement tucked inside.

Ironically, the newspaper got the Unabomber’s virulent condemnation of technology off the Internet, Burgin said.

He emphasized that the Tribune has had no contacts from the Unabomber or law enforcement officials asking for publication.

The serial bomber has killed three people and injured 23 others in 16 attacks since 1978. He demanded that the Post or the Times print his treatise as the price for stopping his attacks on people.

The FBI has encouraged people _ especially in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Salt Lake City and Chicago _ to read the manifesto in the hope they may recognize something that could identify the Unabomber.

But the only local source for the manifesto _ titled ``Industrial Society and Its Future″ _ was either the Internet at Time Warner’s World Wide Web home page or imported editions of the Post.

That created a run on newsstands that carry the Post.

Moustapha Zakaria, owner of Dave’s Smoke Shop in Berkeley, said he received at least 500 calls for the Post, which he carries only on Sundays.

``I wish I had it. I could make some money,″ he said.


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