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Revolutionary Group Claims Responsibility for two Dutch Bombings

August 21, 1986

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) _ Two bombs exploded within a half-hour of each other Thursday, damaging a building housing the Dutch Olympics Organizing Committee and a telecommunicati ons station, police said.

The blasts, which injured no one, were an apparent protest of Amsterdam’s bid to host the 1992 Summer Olympics, the authorities said.

Police spokesman Klaas Wilting said the attack was claimed on behalf of the ″Into The Blue Commando″ of the ″Revolutionary Cells.″ He said the group was not known to police.

The first blast occurred about 3 a.m. at the office building housing the Amsterdam Olympic foundation in southeastern Amsterdam, and broke several windows, said police spokeswoman Heleen van der Weijden.

Wilting said the post office telecommunications center in western Amsterdam sustained more than $400,000 damage, but that the Olympic committee offices were only slightly damaged.

Police found notices at both sites warning passers-by of the explosives, Wilting said.

Several protest groups object to Amsterdam’s campaign to host to the 1992 games, claiming the city is not large enough and that the event would disrupt the quality of life.

Ms. van der Weijden said police believed the blasts were protests against Amsterdam’s efforts to be chosen as the site for the games. She said police believe the explosions are related because they occurred 31 minutes apart.

Investigators found the shattered remains of a fire extinguisher, believed to have contained the explosives, Wilting said.

The second blast, which occurred 10 miles away, severely damaged the telecommunications satellite dish atop the post office building and set off a fire inside, he said.

Wilting said an explosive device apparently had been planted near the satellite dish. The attackers also emptied two cans of gasoline down a hose which they lowered from the roof into a ventilation shaft of the building, he said.

Police did not know why the telecommunications center was singled out as a target, Ms. van der Weijden said. However, in its bid for the Olympics, the organizing committee has touted Amsterdam’s advanced telecommunications network.

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