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Bork Confirmation Hearings Enter 11th Day On Tuesday

September 28, 1987

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork enter their 11th day Tuesday. Here is a brief priview of the next Senate Judiciary Committee session.

WITNESSES: Against Bork - Herma Hill Kay, Boalt Hall Law School, University of California; Kathleen Sullivan, Harvard Law School; David Richards, New York University Law School; Henry Ruth, former Watergate deputy special prosecutor; George Frampton, former assistant Watergate prosecutor; Robert Pitofsky, Georgetown Univerisity Law Center; Robert Abrams, New York attorney general; Charles Brown, West Virginia attorney general; Mac Blecher, San Francisco attorney.

For Bork - Elliott Richardson, former U.S. attorney general; Terrance Sandalow, University of Michigan Law School; Steven Frankino, Catholic University Law School; Maurice Holland, University of Oregon Law School; Ronald Davenport, former dean of Duquesne Law School; Eugene Rostow, professor emeritus and former dean, Yale Law School; Thomas Morgan, Emory University Law School; Gerhard Casper, University of Chicago Law School; Thomas Kauper, University of Michigan Law School; Donald Baker, former assistant attorney general, antitrust division; Phil Neal, Chicago attorney; James Halverson, former Federal Trade Commission attorney, and Phillip Areeda, professor, Harvard Law School.

TIME: 10 a.m. EDT.

PLACE: Senate Caucus Room in Russell Office Building.

LATEST TESTIMONY: The Rev. Kenneth Dean, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Rochester, N.Y., said Monday Bork once made an insensitive response to a question about a young Jewish boy’s refusal to read the Bible in school. Dean said he was not accusing Bork of anti-Semitism in the 1985 question-and-answer session. Bork, asked about the same incident in earlier testimony, denied the exchange with Dean ever took place.

TELEVISION: Cable News Network providing live coverage of portions of the testimony. C-Span providing delayed coverage at night.

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