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Marcos Tells Nobel Committee Not To Honor Aquino

February 12, 1987

OSLO (AP) _ The Nobel Peace Prize committee said today it received a videotape and two letters from former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos saying the nomination of Corazon Aquino for the 1987 prize was an ″evil joke.″

The Verdens Gang newspaper, which interviewed Marcos in Honolulu last weekend, conveyed the videotape and the letters to the committee. The newspaper said Marcos was furious when he learned that Mrs. Aquino, who took office after he fled the Philippines in February 1986 in the face of a civilian-military uprising, had been nominated for the prize.

Among those who have suggested Mrs. Aquino for the prize are Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubber.

According to Verdens Gang, Marcos said it would be ″disastrous″ to award the Peace Prize to Mrs. Aquino. ″Just the idea of nominating her is something that I regard as an especially evil joke,″ Marcos was quoted as saying.

Nobel Institute director Jacob Sverdrup said Marcos’ comments would not influence the decision on awarding the prize, which will be announced late this year. ″We base our decision on our own information and judgment,″ he said.

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