LONDON (AP) _ Chancellor Helmut Kohl won a birthday bet Friday with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, but the 68-year-old German leader had to settle for a 67-year-old bottle of port.

At a dinner Thursday night for leaders of 25 nations attending the Asia-Europe summit, Blair served Quinta de Noral port. Kohl bet Blair he would not be able to find a bottle from 1930, the year Kohl was born.

Blair couldn't find one, but only because no port was certified in 1930, said his spokesman, Alastair Campbell.

``However, there were 24 bottles in this country of 1931 Quinta De Noral Port,'' Campbell said. ``And in a rare success for the Foreign Office, they found one of them.''

The bottle was presented to Kohl, along with a cake, at a summit lunch Friday at the Lord Chancellor's residence.