Thoughts of Anita Hill

September 28, 2018

Helen Anderson had Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas on her mind as she watched the hearings from her Sioux City, Iowa, home.

“I’m thinking I don’t want to see that again — a rush to confirmation,” said Anderson, 72, a retired elementary school teacher and registered Democrat. Thomas’s nomination was confirmed in 1991 despite Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment, which he contested.

Anderson said she found Ford’s testimony convincing, adding, “I think she’s given a very strong statement, and I think she’s doing a very good job.”

Anderson noted that certain things had progressed since 1991.

“I remember one of the questions asked of Anita Hill was something like ‘Are you a woman scorned?’” she recalled. “You aren’t going to hear that in this hearing. I think some lessons have been learned since Ms. Hill was treated the way she was.”

— Margery Beck

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