Sterling High School October Student of the Month: Trevor Carrell

December 7, 2018

Trevor Carrell, 17, of Sterling, is one of Sterling High School’s October Students of the Month. His mom is Tiffany Bowers, and he has an older sister, Haley Carrell, an identical twin, Hunter Carrell and four younger sisters, Alexis Carrell-Bowers, Kylee Carrell-Richter, Lyric Carrell-Richter and Lacey Updike.

Favorite class: Anatomy and physiology with Nicole Schlemmer. She’s such a great teacher and takes learning to the next level by making anatomy entertaining and interesting.

Least-favorite class: All classes have their ups and down.

Favorite teacher: Steve Johnson. Like many of the science department teachers, Mr. Johnson strives to make sure that every student understands the topic at hand, while creating friendships with his students.

School activities in which you participate: National Honor Society, freshmen mentor, Math Team, track, cross country

Do you have a job? I work at Culver’s.

How would you describe your group of friends? All the cross country guys.

What will you do after high school? Hopefully, go to Pomona College in Claremont, California and major in biology or biochemistry.

What is something you learned in high school that you think you’ll never use? How to find the concavity of a function.

If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be? More emphasis on and opportunity regarding college preparation.

What is your advice for surviving high school? You have to have a get-it-done attitude or you’re not going to do well.

What do you do in your free time, outside of school activities? Mostly spend time with my brother, Hunter.

What’s one thing in your life you can’t do without? Probably oxygen.

What kind of music are you listening to? Currently, Vince Staples, but I oscillate between differing musicians and genres.

What scares you? Death.

If you could try any job for the day, what would it be? Astronaut. Honestly, I just want to be in space.

If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would it be? Amsterdam.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Anytime that I was goofing off with Hunter.

What is the best way to cheer you up? Stupid jokes.

Do you think you will be the same person 10 years from now? Probably. I don’t think I’ll change much, unless I lose an arm.

What is your life’s philosophy? Not a philosophy, but here’s a quote from “Interstellar” I think about: “We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.”

Shout out to: Hi, Grandma!

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