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People who received presidential pardons

December 25, 1997

People who received presidential pardons this week, including their sentence dates and offenses, according to the Justice Department:

_Irving Frank Avery, Palisade, Colo., January 1984, possession of counterfeit plates.

_Billy K. Berry, Dardenelle, Ark., February 1986, Medicaid and mail fraud.

_Clio Louise Carson, Moorcraft, Wyo., February 1979, transmission of wagering information.

_Giuseppe Casadei-Severi, Santurce, Puerto Rico, January 1987, obstruction of justice.

_Glen Edison Chapman, Connelly Springs, N.C., September 1957, removing, possessing and concealing non-tax-paid whiskey.

_Ralph Wallace Crawford, Northridge, Calif., January 1985, mail fraud.

_Aaron Golden, San Antonio, December 1986, failure to file a currency transaction report.

_Monroe Lee King, Port Lavaca, Texas, March 1973, making and executing plates for counterfeiting $20 Federal Reserve notes.

_Ralph Lee Limbaugh, Sterrett, Ala., November 1974, theft from interstate shipment.

_George Edward Maynes Jr., El Paso, Texas, August 1975, distributing cocaine.

_Charley Morgan, Tulsa, Okla., September 1964, unlawful possession of a still and manufacture of mash.

_Linzie Murle Morse, Sulphur, La., November 1973, interstate transportation of a stolen motor vehicle and selling a stolen motor vehicle.

_Charles Patrick Murrin, Riverside Calif., October 1988, bank robbery.

_Moises Jaurequi Ramos, Las Cruces, N.M., January 1983, misprision of a felony.

_William Ray Richardson, Kansas City, Mo., March 1983, interstate transportation of stolen property.

_Raymond Phillip Weaver, St. Petersburg, Fla., December 1947, theft of 4 pounds of butter.

_Bill Wayne West, Kennett, Mo., June 1987, dealing firearms without a license.

_Anita Glenn Whitlock, Riverdale, Md., March 1978, embezzlement by a bank employee.

_Edward Kenneth Williams Jr., Atlantic, Iowa, January 1979, receiving and selling stolen motor vehicles and aiding and abetting the same.

_Larry Edward Winfield, Cove, Ark., November 1987, mail fraud.

_Louis Anthony Winters Sr., Pine Ridge, S.D., Oct. 29, 1957, court martial for unauthorized absence.

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