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Christie’s Puts Dutch Schultz Getaway Car On The Block

June 25, 1992

NEW YORK (AP) _ For sale: Custom ’31 Lincoln. Lots of extras, bullet holes. low miles. Good for getaways.

That’s the offer from Christie’s auction house, which hopes that though crime may not pay, selling an infamous criminal’s wheels will. The car used by Prohibition-era gangster Dutch Schultz will go on the block in August during Christie’s third annual auction of antique cars in Pebble Beach, Calif.

An unidentified car collector recently decided to pull the car out of storage after buying it 29 years ago for about $1,500, said David Gooding, Christie’s car specialist. While Christie’s puts dollar figures on most auction items - a 1919 Cadillac V-8 is expected to go for $50,000 - this one defies estimates, Gooding said.

″We’ll just have to see what it brings,″ he said.

Schultz, known as ″The Beer Baron of New York,″ designed his car for comfort and combat.

On first inspection, it looks like a elegant four-dour sedan with camel- hair upholstery. But it has been widened to accommodate armor plate, one- inch bulletproof gas and gun ports beneath the window frames. Additional armor on the radiator and gas tank push its weight to 6,000 pounds.

Other features: extra-wide side windows that let four Thompson machine guns point out at the same time, and a hidden compartment beneath the floor board for machine gun storage.

According to legend, after Dutch Schultz’s murder Chicago police seized the car from Al Capone’s mob - but not before filling it with 105 bullet holes. None pierced the armor.

Today, it isn’t running, Gooding said. Still, with only 35,291 miles, he says this gangster car may be a steal.

″It’s one of the most unique cars we’ve ever seen,″ he said.

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