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On The Light Side

August 26, 1988

KEENE, N.H. (AP) _ For seven summers, International Zucchini Festival aficionados have converged on southwest New Hampshire to sing the praises of their favorite squash.

But the zucchini fest has lost some of its zest, say fans of the cucumber look-alike. Saturday’s event at Keene State College here will be the last, Zucchini Central Committee member Cindy Thomashow announced this week.

″Seven years is a long time, and it’s been great fun,″ said Thomashow, whose committee organizes the festival. ″We want to have more fun at this one than we’ve ever had before.″

Fittingly, the Olympics are this year’s theme for the fund raiser. Events will include a zucchini toss, javelin throw - and zucchini rap contest. Individual vegetables will be awarded such high honors as ″most international zucchini,″ ″best-dressed zucchini,″ and ″best zucchini Olympic pet.″

The festival is held to raise money for the private Harrisville School, the Harrisville Children’s Center and the Grand Monadnock Arts Council.

John Colony, who founded the event with his wife, said he’s amazed the festival lasted this long.

″When my wife and I thought of the idea, we thought it would go one for two or three years,″ he said. ″If you’re working on it every year, it gets kind of tiresome. It’s like telling the same joke over and over.″


LANSING, Mich. (AP) - The bride wore blue and carried a revolver. So did the groom.

Police officers Cassie Darnell and Mark Alley passed up the traditional gown and tuxedo for a short wedding ceremony Wednesday in district court.

Instead, the off-duty officers exchanged vows before Magistrate Krista Krause in their uniforms, complete with service revolvers.

They aren’t partners, but work the same shift.

″We just have a lot in common and understand what the other has gone through,″ Darnell said before the ceremony. ″Before we started dating, Mark said he would never marry another police officer.″

They dated for about a year, and Alley eventually changed his mind. All he could say Wednesday was, ″I’m very happy.″

More than 30 people attended the ceremony, including 15 or so police officers.

The couple exchanged vows under the bright lights of television cameras. Alley blushed when instead of saying ″I pledge my faith unto you,″ he said, ″I pledge my faith on TV.″

He got it right the second time.

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