Cleveland pop-punk band Elbow Room premieres new song ‘Never After’

October 10, 2018

Cleveland pop-punk band Elbow Room premieres new song ‘Never After’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Elbow Room, one of Northeast Ohio’s newest pop-punk bands, formed just a year and half ago. And in that time, the band has been grinding to make it in Cleveland’s music scene.

Now, Elbow Room prepares to release its newest EP, “Constant Mistake.” It’s the most polished material the band has put out to date, said singer-guitarist Spencer Fetcko.

“We’ve put so much work into these songs,” said Fetcko. “I have listened to the songs on this record almost 1,000 times each, easily – that’s an understatement. And I’m not tired of them yet.”

It wasn’t always easy to find the time to make the music with Fetcko’s busy schedule. Between studying finance at Cleveland State University, serving and bartending at a local restaurant and tutoring high schoolers for the ACT, Fetcko often found himself working on Elbow Room’s music late at night once he got home.

Fetcko has been working on the Elbow Room EP, titled “Constant Mistake,” for the better part of 2018, collaborating with producers, graphic designers and his creative team.

The EP officially will arrive on Oct. 19, but today the band is offering a sneak peek with the premiere of a song on the album, “Never After.” Listen to the track below.


Beyond scheduling difficulties, Elbow Room ran into issues with production of “Constant Mistake,” too. The band had been working with unnamed producers that were late on deadlines and unresponsive to Fetcko’s needs.

Eventually, Fetcko scrambled to find another production company that could pick up the new EP. He reached out to Seth Henderson, the owner of Always Be Genius Studio in Indiana. The studio is known for releasing albums for Sleep On It, Knuckle Puck and Real Friends.

In an hour, Fetcko said, the studio emailed him back and decided to mix the EP. Fetcko said that Always Be Genius producers put in extra hours to finish mixing all of Elbow Room’s new songs.

“We’re really grateful for them,” said Fetcko. “They saved us. We were in a really tight spot. I was really anxious about all this stuff.”

What was once anxiety has now transformed into pride, Fetcko said.

“I think we crated something that blows anything we’ve done out of the water, so far,” he said. “There are parts of this EP that are softer than anything on the last EP, minus the acoustic song. I think the aggression on some of the songs on this record are way more aggressive than the ones on the last EP. As a whole, this new EP is extremely more dynamic than any of the other work we’ve put out before.”

Elbow Room will debut all of “Constant Mistake” at Mahall’s on Oct. 19, at 7 p.m. Tickets to the show are $10. Find more information about the show on its event page.

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