TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) _ The mayor of Tegucigalpa and three other people died Sunday when a helicopter returning from a day surveying storm damage crashed in the capital.

Authorities said mechanical problems may have caused the crash that killed Cesar Castellanos, 49, another city official, the pilot and the mayor's official cameraman. The identities of the other three aboard were not immediately available, and the nature of the problems weren't clear.

Clear skies had given way to late afternoon showers when the chopper went down.

News of the crash stunned Hondurans, still reeling from the storm that battered the entire region and killed more than 230 people in Honduras alone. Castellanos was a popular politician seen as a likely presidential candidate in 2001 elections.

He was elected mayor in December as a candidate for the opposition National Party, campaigning under the nickname ``El Gordito'' _ the little fat guy.

In an effort to combat rising gang-related crime, Castellanos imposed a curfew allowing only children accompanied by an adult to be on city streets after 11 p.m.

Castellanos is survived by his wife and five children.