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Paul Babbitt to Run for Congress

February 20, 2004

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) _ Paul Babbitt, a brother of former Interior Secretary and Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt, announced Thursday that he’s running for a congressional seat representing a wide swath of rural Arizona.

Paul Babbitt, a Coconino County supervisor, will challenge Republican Rep. Rick Renzi, who Babbitt said ``hasn’t stood up″ for his constituents.

Speaking to 200 cheering supporters at the American Legion hall in downtown Flagstaff, Babbitt criticized Renzi’s support for tax breaks he said were for rich Americans and ``provide little benefit for this district and for budgets that shortchange Arizona schools, Arizona seniors and Arizona veterans.″

Renzi issued a statement saying Babbitt was offering ``no solutions, just criticism.″

Babbitt is a lifelong resident of Flagstaff and former mayor of the city. The Babbitt family has owned stores, trading posts and ranches in northern Arizona for more than a century.

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