Support for McFarland

February 6, 2019

Editor, Daily Times:

Emily McFarland seems to have been preparing herself for a local leadership role for quite a while. She grew up here. She earned a master’s degree in public administration from UW-Oshkosh. She manages the Office of the Inspector General in the state Department of Children and Families. And she has served on the city council for several years.

I watched the recent mayoral forum to see and hear the four candidates in action. To my mind, Emily McFarland was by far the most positive, prepared and candid candidate on the stage. She clearly has the energy, knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise to provide dynamic, future-ready leadership for our community at an important time.

Emily supports sensible economic growth and redevelopment. She has good plans for road improvements and public space enhancements, and I hope her energy and determination can help bring more good jobs and investments to our city. She will certainly be on top of all city administration needs and should be able to increase efficiencies to help keep costs down.

She obviously has the strength and stamina it takes to pursue big, long-term goals, as demonstrated by her seemingly lifelong preparation for local government leadership. I think she will also help promote consensus-building and collaboration among stakeholders on contentious local issues, while still being a decisive, no-nonsense decision maker who fosters progress.

Emily McFarland stands out to me as the best choice to be our next mayor. I expect good things will happen here if she gets a chance to lead. I also think it is time for a new generation of residents to take responsibility for our community, and Emily is highly qualified for this role. New ideas and a fresh perspective will be beneficial for the well-being of Watertown going forward.

Remember to vote on Feb. 19. Since so few people vote in spring local government primary elections, your individual ballot counts more than ever.

Barry Ashenfelter


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