Is it too late to stop Trump?

July 24, 2018

Impeachment is a long and legalistic process. An attempt to impeach Donald Trump, even if Congress had the backbone to do it, would take months; meanwhile, our oaf-in-chief would continue to insult our friends while coddling our enemies. Can anyone seriously imagine this man — Trump — serving as commander in chief during a genuine declared war, with the obligation of deciding hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute what actions our military should take in the midst of actual daily warfare? It boggles the mind.

After insulting an ally, Trump has grotesquely cozied up to Putin, in the face of our intelligence community’s belief that Russia hacked into our system, calling into question the validity of the election that put him on the throne. Since Congress hasn’t the will to impeach him, what about commitment?

Judy Mellow

Santa Fe

Democracy in jeopardy

Donald Trump proved in Helsinki that he is not only a serial liar, bigot and misogynist but likely a traitor as well. Instead of crediting the U.S. intelligence agencies that unanimously confirmed Russia meddled in the 2016 elections, Trump simply embraced Putin’s denials at face value. And he has done nothing to protect the country from another cyberattack.

Impeachment cannot come soon enough. Unless Republicans start choosing country over party and help rid us of Trump, there is a real risk that our democracy will not survive.

Mark Davis

Santa Fe

Bikes, dogs don’t mix

There have been several articles in the paper expressing interest in connecting La Tierra Trail system with the Frank S. Ortiz Dog Park (“Let’s link bike trails on city’s south side,” Our View, July 9). The Ortiz Dog Park is the only place dogs can play off leash without running into bicycles. Many dogs chase bikes, bark at bikes or afraid of bikes. Bringing bikes to the parking lot would be dangerous. At peak times morning and evening the lots are already full of cars. La Tierra Trails is a major biking habitat; I had to stop walking my dogs there because of the plethora of bikers. I am happy to let the bikes have that space, but let’s leave the dog park to the dogs.

Ginny Hogan

Santa Fe

Sadly mistaken

Does Donald Trump think that we did not listen to his entire Helsinki speech? Does he think that somehow changing one word matters in the context of the whole abomination? He sadly underestimates the intelligence of the American people.

Cathlynn Groh

Santa Fe

Putin’s BFF

Donald Trump: The best United States president Russia has ever had.

Gary Eschman

Santa Fe

Who decides?

Tom Miles (“Lujan Grisham’s got the right idea for kids,” My View, July 15), says the candidate Michele Lujan Grisham has the right idea, that New Mexico government should be involved in early childhood development from prenatal to five years. Why not have the government involved in the preconception and conception process also? After all, hasn’t the state government shown it makes better decisions than parents?

Jon Hicks

White Rock

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