Parents join fun for STEAM Night at Florence school

February 13, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. – Carver Elementary School families raced through the hallways during the 2019 Amazing Race STEAM Night.

This is the second year Carver Elementary hosted the “Amazing Race-” themed STEAM Night. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Upon arrival, families received passports of their guides for the activities around the school.

The families had to complete 10 activities to completely make it around the school to each passport stop. STEAM-night activities incorporated all subject areas with STEAM concepts at all grade levels. Activities ranged from building Lego squares to using a pulley system to pull students across the gym floor to place bean bags in a bucket.

Families also had to use the Goosechase app to post pictures of students completing various activities, which STEAM coach Colandra Brisbone said allowed for parents to learn technology that can be used in conjunction with their student’s educations.

According to Brisbone, teachers filmed themselves giving instructions for their activity, which played throughout the race. This is a practice the school plans on using with student’s Chromebooks.

Principal Josie Little said these events are important to increase collaboration and cooperation within families.

“It’s just family fun and excitement,” Little said. “The students love it, the parents love it. I think it shows support for their education.”

Parent Havalla Lesane took part in the Amazing Race STEAM Night with her second-grade daughter, Kelis. Lesane said it was fun to get to work together with her daughter on the activities.

“I think it is a good activity for families to come together and work,” Lesane said.

This was the pair’s first time taking part in the STEAM night at Carver Elementary School.

The STEAM night also served as an open house for families who are interested in applying to the STEAM magnet school. The deadline for application is the end of the day Feb. 15.

Tthe application form can be found on the Carver Elementary website.

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