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Bright and Brief

March 31, 1986

INDIANA, Pa. (AP) _ A wild turkey, apparently confusing a door with a clear path and perhaps confusing Easter with Thanksgiving, crashed landed in an empty apartment.

The bird flew through a window of the front door Sunday afternoon.

Cpl. Bill Brooks, an off-duty police officer and part-time game protector, safely captured the flapping turkey and took it to the state game commission office in Ligonier. The bird was slightly injured, he said.

A neighbor spotted the bird as it crashed through the window. No one was in the apartment at the time.

Police said the turkey, a female, had been seen around town several times over the past few weeks.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Putting it on seems to suit folks in this area just fine, but taking it off is another matter.

A marketing survey found that people here eat more spaghetti sauce and gravy and drink more blended whiskey than people in any other major U.S. region. But they don’t like jogging.

The survey of 2,036 adults in 19 eastern Pennsylvania counties and in Delaware and New Jersey also found that of 10 regions, Philadelphia-area residents also buy more headache remedies and girdles.

″It tells me you have somebody who is indulging themselves in the wrong kinds of things,″ said Howard Kamin, a vice president of Mediamark Research Inc., the New York marketing research company that conducted the study.

Philadelphia respondents showed the area to be the biggest users of mouthwash and deodorants, the most voracious eaters of pretzels and the biggest buyers of electric games, dog biscuits, men’s sweaters and talcum powder.

The study also found Philadelphians are above-average patrons of the arts, with above-average bank accounts, higher than average bank lines of credit and above-average purchasers of life and medical insurance.

Kamin said the only leisure category that declined for the region was jogging, ″which was more of a fad in 1983.″

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