Enjoy the warm weather because it won’t last

October 13, 2018

Thank three storms in the Pacific -- two hurricanes and a typhoon -- for the unseasonably warm weather since Saturday.

“A lot of times when we see a lot of activity in the Pacific, they can disrupt the entire flow in the Northern Hemisphere, and so you get these wild changes in weather and they become stuck,” said Rich Redmond, National Weather Service meteorologist.

Redmond said the storms met up with energy out of the Arctic and created a large trough of low-pressure air in the West and, in reaction, a large dome of high pressure in the East.

As warm as it’s been, the temperatures have not been record breaking:

On Saturday, the high was 81; the record for Oct. 6 was 89, set in 1900.

On Sunday, the high was 83; the record for Oct. 7 was 88, also set in 1900.

On Monday, the high was expected to reach 85; the record for Oct. 8 was 87, set in 2007.

The high for Tuesday is expected to be 83; the record for Oct. 9 was 87, set in 1939.

The high for Wednesday is expected to be in the low 80s; the record for Oct. 10 was 88, set in 1949.

“It’s going to be real close,” Redmond said. “It’s been incredibly warm, but we still haven’t broken any records.”

Tastyland on Business Route 66 in Hempfield is enjoying the summer-like weather.

“It’s definitely increased our business. It’s been extremely busy today,” manager Gretchen Kuhn said Monday. “We had a good weekend, despite the rain.”

The warmth, alas, will be short-lived. By Thursday, a cold front is expected to bring rain and much cooler temperatures, Redmond said. Highs will not reach 60 Friday through Sunday.

The cold front is expected to keep much of the moisture from Hurricane Michael, now threatening the Gulf Coast, to the south and the east.

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