Feedback on Facebook: Orem Kmart building to become new wholesale store

November 25, 2018

Have you ever heard of NPS? It’s new to us!

Orem residents wondering what is happening at the Kmart store on State Street and 400 North need wait no longer.

National Product Sales announces the opening of its first NPS store in Utah Country. NPS in Salt Lake is a family establishment and has been in business since 1968. Orem will be its second location.

According to a press release, “The NPS store is recognized as a rapidly growing freight reclamation company with a strong presence in both brick and mortar stores, as well as eCommerce endeavors.”

The new location boasts 87,000 square feet of retail shopping space that will showcase a wide variety of products such as clothing, non-food and hardware items and its designer room that specializes in high-end apparel and accessories.

It’s a wholesale store that self-proclaims to provide something for everyone.

Zack Dalley Back in the early 2000’s this store had awesome prices. Now it’s just a bunch of over priced garbage.

Carroll Barlow There are still some good buys. Yogurt and chicken and occasionally some other things.

Brett Coffin Like Carroll Barlow is saying you can find some good and unique food deals there. But I agree the other stuff is just over priced now, they sell most of what they can on ebay and other means.

Johnny Miner Great! Just what Orem needs... more useless crap!

Sarah Wood VonNiederhausern Woohoo! So excited for this! We LOVE the NPS store!

Paul D Crown Pity they didn’t move to east bay in provo

Paul Zimmerman We call it the weird store.

Sam Johnson go there all the time. Love it.

Jeff Siddoway My sister worked at NPS in Salt Lake about 20 years ago. It’s great.

Tiffany Robison McEwan I’m soooooo excited! I love NPS!

Bryun Anh Der Im surprised they arent trying to turn it into more high density housing.

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