WHS students Skype Sen. Manchin

December 19, 2018
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Courtesy of Robert Thompson Civics students and student government members at Wayne High School Skyped with United States Senator Joe Manchin earlier this month.

WAYNE — Civics students and student government members at Wayne High School Skyped with U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin earlier this month as a way to see first hand how a representative works for and with them.

Students asked questions about the drug epidemic, economic development, immigration and the Supreme Court and received a first-hand opportunity to discuss issues with one of their federal representatives.

WHS Student Body President Walker Tatum said the experience was eye opening and important.

“I think that it was important to do the Skype with Senator Manchin because it is really eye opening to see his knowledge revolving around the U.S.,” he said. “Sometimes you hear stories on what he believes but coming straight from him, it’s pretty cool.”

History Teacher Robert Thompson said Sen. Manchin did a similar call with students several years ago, and by getting back in contact with the office the school was able to schedule another one.

Manchin skyped with the students just before attending former President George Bush’s funeral, which led to the call having to be moved up in time.

Thompson said the experience was great for students to see government working first hand.

“I hope the students learned that they are represented in Washington and have a better understanding of how the federal government sees them,” Thompson said. “I feel that it allowed students to have a personal connection to their federal representative. It allowed them realize that they can reach out to their government leaders and be heard.”

The social studies department and student government attempt to get as many government officials into the school for guest speakers as possible.

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