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Profiles of Nepal’s Royal Family

June 2, 2001

A look at the king, queen, prince and princess of Nepal who were killed, the crown prince who shot them to death, and the prince expected to take the throne:


CROWN PRINCE DIPENDRA, 29. Educated at Britain’s Eton College, he was heir to the throne.


KING BIRENDRA, 55. Was crowned king in 1972 to replace his late father, King Mahrendra. He was the latest monarch in the Shah dynasty, which has held the throne since the mid-1700s. Birendra, who was Harvard-educated, held nearly absolute power until 1990. A parliamentary government was then established, and the king had remained a figurehead.


QUEEN AISWARYA, 51. Educated at home, she later received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Played a signifcant role in the advancement of women and won worldwide praise for work to aid children,


PRINCE NIRAJAN, 22, the younger brother of the crown prince.


PRINCESS SHRUTI, 24, the princess is married and has two daughters.


PRINCE GYANENDRA, the king’s younger brother, next in line to the throne, was expected to succeed King Birendra.

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