Alleged boat burglar arrested after man finds stolen tools

April 13, 2019

A Lake Havasu City man may have thought he was in the clear, but Havasu police recently charged him with burglary after he was accused of stealing tools from another person’s boat.

Austin Paul Meissner, 32, is facing one felony count of third-degree burglary after police said he entered a gated yard and stole several tools from a person’s house boat at a Kiowa Avenue location sometime in early February.

A woman who owns the boat said she went to her boat to work on it and noticed that a generator, two saws and an angle grinder were missing.

The victim said she later spoke with a truck driver who works in the storage yard and he said he saw a man in the yard late one night walking around her boat. When he confronted the man, he jumped the fence and drove away in a white Jeep. The truck driver recognized the suspicious person as someone who used to work for a landscaping company that stores equipment in the yard.

When the victim talked to the owner of the landscaping company, he said he had fired a man named “Austin” that drove a white Jeep. The man then told her later in the day that he had found some of her missing items.

The investigating officer then found some other items that had been pawned.

Meissner later returned to Havasu, was arrested and lodged in the city jail.

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