Faces in The Crowd: Frances Bradshaw

August 29, 2018

While she was finishing up her grocery shopping and loading the bags into her car outside the Kroger in Cochran’s Crossing, Frances Bradshaw said her favorite thing about living in the area is the climate.

While she resides in Oak Ridge North, she is originally from Indiana.

“I don’t mind the heat. It’s not like the cold up north. I just stay in the air conditioning here!” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw has been married to her husband, Donald, for 63 years.

“We have four kids— three live in the area and one lives in Illinois. We have 10 grandkids and seven great-grandkids,” Bradshaw said.

When her husband contemplated how to best describe his wife, he laughed as he joked, “Do you ever know all about a woman?”

His serious answer, though, was that Bradshaw is always there: dependable and lovable.

In addition to spending time with her family, Bradshaw said she likes to sew and go to the YMCA.

She said she also makes a lot of doctor’s appointments: she’s had two knee replacements but is happy to be walking again.

She and her husband attend Alana Lane Baptist Church, but sometimes visit other churches if her husband needs to fill in for an absent pastor. Donald is a retired minister.

What she’s most looking forward to in the coming weeks is a cruise to the Bahamas with her family.

“We’re going to celebrate lots of family birthdays,” Bradshaw said.


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