NEW YORK (AP) _ Although Charlize Theron was born and raised in South Africa, she is quick to point out that her family was not a supporter of the racially oppresive system that is now part of the country's past.

``South Africa was very well-deserving of its demonization. But I was raised by a family that did not believe in apartheid,'' the actress said in Sunday's Daily News. ``My parents had a road construction company and everybody lived on the farm with us. So I was raised from infancy with all these different black cultures, including Zulus.''

Theron is appearing in three movies this fall, including ``The Legend of Bagger Vance,'' starring Will Smith and Matt Damon, in which she speaks with a Southern accent. She said she enjoys trying to perfect different accents.

``The worst thing you could do is try to do an accent and fail at it. I like the challenge of doing it, and I've been faking an American accent for many years now,'' she said.