Letter to the Editor: Opponents wrong on Compo Beach facility

December 17, 2018

Please tell me I misunderstood the article (Connecticut Post, Dec. 2) regarding resident opposition to Westport’s building an ADA-compliant bathroom facility at Compo’s South Beach.

As I read it, some opponents of this project are avid pickleball players who are upset because the new facility “would obstruct the players’ view of the beach.” These are able-bodied people who can effortlessly enjoy vigorous exercise on what I believe is a town beach. And they want to deny persons with disabilities simple access to the beach? They must know port-a-potties are insufficient. As an able-bodied person, I have trouble using them.

These opponents would prevent a whole segment of Westport’s residents from enjoying beach time with family and friends because it would spoil their view? Get serious. Where is your sense of decency and equality? Congratulations to the Westport RTM for approving the project.

Rita Ortiga Waterman


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