Make responsible choices for planet -- Larry Classen

September 10, 2018

I would like to thank the various climate change deniers and apologists who write to the State Journal. They remind us how easy it is to be part of a problem rather than a solution.

In the case of the human impact on the global climate, the problem is simple: ignorance plus selfishness equals irresponsible behavior, such as putting way too much gaseous and particulate junk into our atmosphere.

But how do we get to responsible solutions such as more efficient vehicles, cleaner energy and reduced emissions?

Dealing with ignorance should be easy. The best antidote is education, and fortunately that process is underway. Unfortunately, education probably won’t have much effect when the ignorance is intentional and selective. And it certainly won’t work if government actively thwarts it.

As for selfishness, I imagine we all suffer from that to some degree. What matters is whether we can take off the blinders that allow some to think they can damage the planet as much as they want before passing it on to subsequent generations. That is no one’s right or privilege.

We can do better and live more responsibly.

Larry Classen, Madison

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