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Mariel Hemingway Says Love Scenes May Her Nervous

August 23, 1988

RADNOR, Pa. (AP) _ Mariel Hemingway, who nine years ago played Woody Allen’s teen-age lover in the movie ″Manhattan,″ says she still gets nervous playing sex scenes even though she’s married and a mother.

The actress said in this week’s TV Guide she hopes her lead part in the forthcoming HBO movie ″Steal the Sky″ will help her land more mature roles.

″I’m 26. I’m not a little girl anymore,″ she said.

Still, she is shy about nudity and love scenes.

″I’m sure you can trace it all back to ’Manhattan,‴ said Hemingway, who married businessman Stephen Crisman nearly four years ago and has an 8-month old daughter, Dree Louise. ″I got embarrassed. I’d never even had a boyfriend before, and now I was Miss Sex. I’d be barelegged with Woody in bed, in my panties and a T-shirt, or kissing him in Central Park.″

At age 17, Hemingway saw herself as a gawky tomboy and admitted that she had ″some real self-esteem problems.″

She said she believes everyone thought she was ″girlish and athletic but not sexy″ despite ″people like Woody talking about my body the way they did.″

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