Arthur Miller's plays, with first year produced:

``Honors at Dawn,'' 1936

``No Villain: They Too Arise,'' 1937

``The Man Who Had All the Luck,'' 1944

``All My Sons,'' 1947

``Death of a Salesman,'' 1949

``The Crucible,'' 1953

``A View from the Bridge,'' 1955

``A Memory of Two Mondays,'' 1955

``After the Fall,'' 1964

``Incident at Vichy,'' 1965

``The Price,'' 1969

``The Creation of the World and Other Business,'' 1972

``Up From Paradise,'' 1974

``The Archbishop's Ceiling,'' 1976

``The American Clock,'' 1980

``Elegy for a Lady'' (and) ``Some Kind of Love Story,'' produced together under title, ``Two-Way Mirror,'' 1983

``Playing for Time,'' 1986

``The Golden Years,'' 1990

``The Last Yankee,'' 1991

``The Ride Down Mt. Morgan,'' 1991

``Broken Glass,'' 1994

``Mr. Peters' Connections,'' 1998

``Resurrection Blues,'' 2002

``Finishing the Picture,'' 2004