The past 100 years, Oct. 7, 2018

October 8, 2018

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Oct. 7, 1918: Hun Sues for Peace

Premier Begs For His Country’s Life

Oct. 7, 1968: Members of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association opened their annual meeting today at La Fonda.

First meetings on the agenda were sessions of the tax committee and the public land committee.

Oct. 7, 1993: The signs were there last week — New Mexico’s next campaign for governor is getting closer.

U.S. Rep. Bill Richardson went to court, trying to wipe out a state statute that would hamper him should he jump into the governor’s race. Former Gov. Toney Anaya, a Democratic like Richardson, was again talking about running for the state’s highest office.

And former Gov. Garry Carruthers, the 300-pound gorilla of state Republican politics, cleared the way for a growing list of less well-known GOP gubernatorial contenders by saying he wouldn’t run for any office in 1994.

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