ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ Mice have infested thousands of homes in a part of Florida practically built on the popularity of Mickey Mouse.

Gov. Jeb Bush has directed $400,000 in state and local funds for poison, traps and other weapons to kill rodents that have crawled into at least 10,000 homes in a 50-square-mile area of Orange County, the home of Walt Disney World.

``It wasn't just one or two. There were dozens of them,'' said retiree Mildred Jackson of Zellwood. ``We've tried everything. Traps, sticky pads, everything. Nothing works. I'm ready to pack up and go back to New Jersey.''

County health officials believe the mice population is booming and making its way out of the farmland and muck near Lake Apopka, about 10 miles north of Walt Disney World. No mice problems have been reported at Disney World.

Health officials warn the rodents will be looking to move indoors as temperatures drop.

Mouse bait and traps will be distributed through fire stations and other public places as early as Tuesday. Officials plan to cut high grass and demolish some abandoned buildings.

Janet Doyle of Plymouth said she is keeping her traps baited.

It's going to be us or them,'' she said, ``and I'll be damned if I'm going to let a little mouse chase me out of my home.''