Yoder elementary students carrying on tradition, readying for Christmas musical

December 6, 2018

YODER, Wyo. — Southeast Elementary School is getting ready for its annual K-4 Christmas musical, “Elflandia,” presented on Dec. 6.

Brittany Milstead, the music teacher at Southeast, said the Christmas musical is a long-held tradition at Southeast. Rather than hold a traditional concert where each grade sings a set of songs, Milstead said the musical gives the entire school a chance to be onstage together.

“It gets everybody involved,” she said. “Instead of having one class get up to do something and then another class, this way they’re all in the same thing.”

Everyone, from kindergarten into the fourth grade, sings along with the songs and perform the simple choreography that goes along with them, while the fourth-graders are expected to learn and memorize spoken lines. Milstead said she likes to pick musicals that, while not overly complicated for the elementary students, allow for some fun moments.

“Elflandia,” for instance, includes a song called “Elfie Selfie,” where the fourth-graders get a chance to run through the audience and take selfies with audience members. The kids also get to put on simple costumes, usually in the form of the hat: some are dressed as snowmen, others as candy canes and some as reindeer.

The musical is generally a rite of passage for the fourth-graders, Milstead said, since each class spends four years waiting for their turn.

“Every year, when we start this, the fourth-graders are always excited for it because they know it’s their turn,” she said. “They go to do the lines and acting.”

The musical will be Dec. 6 in the gymnasium at 6:30 p.m. The show is open for the public.

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