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Tom Cotton: U.S. could win potential war with Iran in ‘two strikes’

Bailey Vogt The Washington TimesMay 15, 2019

Sen. Tom Cotton said Tuesday the U.S. could win a war with Iran in only “two strikes” amid simmering tensions between the two countries.

When asked if the United States could emerge successful from a conflict with the Middle Eastern state, Mr. Cotton said, “Yes, two strikes. The first strike and the last strike.”

“If Iran struck out militarily against us or against our allies in the region, then I would certainly expect a devastating response against Iran,” the Arkansas Republican said in an interview on PBS’ “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover” show.

“I don’t advocate military action against Iran. I’m simply delivering the message that if Iran were to attack the United States it would be a grave miscalculation on their part and there would be a furious response,” he said.

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