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Fired Mechanic Kills Two, Wounds One Before Killing Himself at Dealership

October 13, 1990

WOODLAWN, Md. (AP) _ A disgruntled former employee opened fire at a car dealership Friday, killing a fellow auto mechanic and the general manager and wounding another man before turning the gun on himself, police said.

Employees said Wilton Reed, 25, of Baltimore, was fired Wednesday when he refused to work on a car that had been returned to the dealership’s service shop.

Baltimore County police spokesman Jay Miller said Reed walked into the service shop just before noon, and fired on his former co-workers with a 9mm pistol.

A veteran mechanic, Robert Daughton, 35, was killed outright, and the general manager of the dealership, William Bishop, 46, died of his injuries several hours later at University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore.

The service manager, John David Laird, 35, who fired Reed, remained in critical condition at the hospital Friday night, Miller said.

″He seemed like a friendly enough guy ... I guess something just snaps in a person,″ said employee Kim Miller, 25. ″From what I heard, he had problems with his girlfriend. I guess they were engaged to be married and she broke off the engagement two weeks ago.″

Reed refused to work on a car that had been returned to the dealership, telling Laird he had not worked on it the first time, several mechanics said. Reed was told he had to work on the car on his own time, and when he refused, he was fired, Miller said.

Reed methodically shot the three before killing himself, employees said.

Reed had a casual conversation with one of the employees when he first walked in, Miller said. The employee noticed Reed was wearing a suit and tie and asked him if he had come to pick up his last paycheck, he said.

Reed told the employee he wasn’t there to pick up his last check and walked into the bay area, where there were 18 mechanics working. He walked to Bishop’s office and shot him, turned and shot Laird and walked to the fourth service bay where he shot Daughton in the head.

Reed pointed the gun at a customer who was standing next to Daughton, but the customer ducked behind a car, Miller said.

Employees at the dealership described Reed as a friendly co-worker who had worked at the dealership for two years.

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