JDS proposal is poorly designed -- Michael Treble Lysenko

September 13, 2018

From an urban design perspective, the Beitler Real Estate proposal for the Judge Doyle Square project could fit nicely on a sand spit in the Middle East, surrounded by hermetically sealed glass towers and motorways -- but in Madison, heavens no.

The Beitler proposal violates both artistic design principals and current psychologically-based planning exercises. The scale of the project is the problem. Successful place making with a complex program is a long shot at best. The end game here is to make money, not a place that fits Downtown Madison.

The city hopes that Judge Doyle Square will be “a destination for residents, employees, and visitors by expanding and unifying the restaurant and entertainment district on the south side of the Capitol Square.” Beitler’s digital vision of repeated glass boxes spread over two blocks, is unfriendly, and there is no articulation along Pinckney to invites curiosity and pausing to engage in the retail and restaurant offerings.

Michael Treble Lysenko, Lodi

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