Stamford PD: ‘Serial burglar’ faces slew of charges

November 14, 2018

STAMFORD — An accused serial burglar city cops charged last Thursday has been linked to three other cases, police said Tuesday.

Phillip Mayo, 45, of Lipton Place in Stamford, was charged with criminal trespass and interfering with a police investigation after allegedly trespassing at the Parc Grove apartments on Broad Street. When police questioned him, the department said, he gave a false name and claimed to live in the complex.

And on Tuesday, police announced a multitude of new charges filed against Mayo.

“Stamford Police Major Crimes Investigators have continued to work this case and have developed evidence that links Phillip Mayo with three previously reported crimes,” police said. “The evidence was presented at court and arrest warrants were granted for each of these three cases.”

Mayo was charged with criminal attempt at second-degree burglary and third-degree criminal trespass in relation to an incident reported at a Schuyler Avenue home on May 23, 2017, police said. His bail was set at $50,000 for these charges.

In that May 2017 incident, a family spotted Mayo on their front porch looking through their window. The father confronted Mayo, who quickly fled the area.

Mayo was also charged with second-degree burglary, third-degree criminal trespass and breach of peace in connection with an incident reported at the Parc Grove apartments on Sept. 27, 2017. The bail for those charges was set at $100,000.

In that incident, police said, victims told investigators they were woken up by sounds in their living room. When they checked the noise, they found Mayo in their apartment. Once he was spotted, he took off again.

Police also charged Mayo with second-degree burglary and third-degree criminal trespass for another incident at the Parc Grove apartments on Oct. 3, 2017. His bail for these charges was set at $50,000.

Police said the victim reported hearing a noise when he was going to sleep and went to open his door. Mayo fled the area.

After these charges, police wanted to remind residents to lock their homes and vehicles, as most criminals commit crimes of opportunities.

“The Stamford Police would like to commend the many officers that have taken part in this investigation,” the department said. “This body of work will remove a serial burglar from the community and make Stamford a safer place.”

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