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Text of Saddam Speech

August 10, 1990

MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) _ Here is the speech by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein broadcast Friday on Baghdad radio, and read by a spokesman. It was monitored in Arabic in Bahrain and Cyprus and translated by The Associated Press.

Portions were monitored and translated by the British Broadcasting Corp.

O Arabs, grandchildren of the men of the first Qadissiyah, Yarmuk, Hittin and Nahavand (battles in early Moslem history). Dear brother strugglers, dear honorable fighters, wherever you may be.

Your nation is a great nation. God chose it to be the nation of the Koran. After choosing it and throughout the various stages of history, he honored it with the task of upholding the principles of all the divine missions and being the preacher and keeper of the principles, values and wisdom contained in them. After that, the successive prophets and messengers went forth, each to perform his great role.

Your nation called for the principles and values of humanity. In light of this and of its distinguished character, it became a lofty banner, looked up to as an example in the east and west of the world.

This is how your (Arab) nation was. This was its role in the days when it was guided by men who believed in their responsibilities, and who placed the wealth and finances in the service of the people, not in the service of their pleasures and abominable behaviour. When they respected themselves and the titles of responsibility which were bestowed on them, their people respected them and their leading role. Their orders were like the will of God to perform good deeds and implement the will of the nation and the people in the form of their noble options.

The foreigner used to respect the Arab and did not trample them under foot nor their sacred shrines and the Arabs were in deed and in standing, one nation. The Arabs, from the farthest east, Iraq, to the farthest west, Morocco, were proud of their values and the meanings of the message and life they carried on their shoulders. Their ruler was a wise man and one of the most courageous, leading the vanguard wherever the fighting was, strong, standing in the front lines, the most generous among them.

The ruler or leader was an honest man who never lied to his kinfolk in any matter. He was also chaste and decent. In all cases, moreover, the ruler or leader feared God, was loved and respected by his people. He was also capable of passing judgment on worldly and religious affairs, so that he could be a true leader of the state and the people. A real leader, he distributed the riches of the nation to the people. As for the affluent people who earned their money through their own endeavors and honest jobs, they used to cooperate and interact with the majority in the interest of the ethos of the society and the public good. Thus, the ruler was at the time legitimate. Moreover, he acted in harmony with what pleased God and society. He didn’t obey the foreigner. He was close to God and kept distance from evil.

Look at where the Arabs are today. The foreigner entered our homes, Western imperialism has divided us, setting up small states to facilitate the task of occupying Arab land.

Imperialism attended to its interests in oil and secured geographic positions on the coasts of seas, oceans, and gulfs, when it established these dwarf oil states. It made sure they guaranteed the major points by creating those states, kept away the riches from the majority.

Through the colonialist plans, and as a result of the situation of the new wealth, which suddenly passed into the possession of the minority of the nation - the wealth which is exploited and invested in the interest of the foreigner, and in the interest of the minority of the new rulers and those rallying around them - financial and social corruption spread in these statelets, and rulers began to use their sinister methods, abetted by colonialism, to facilitate their mission. With the riches in a minority, it was used for the foreigner and the minority ruler. They used schemes to help the imperialists.

Hence, this quarter began to weaken the body of the nation and to spread all that is corrupt throughout it. And because of this condition, they give the worst picture of the Arabs to the foreigners because of their shameful behaviour: stooges of the foreigner. The first ones to blame for this picture were those rulers who acted as agents and servants to the foreigners.

There had to be a fundamental correction of this picture, changing this minority control that is spreading disease in the body of the majority. And so, in the south of Iraq, Iraq responded to save Kuwait and on the day of the call we responded, August 2nd this month when Iraq responded to the call, to save Kuwait from the scourge of weakness and corruption, and the state of isolation which kept Kuwait away from its kinfolk and origin in dear Iraq.

Thus, this is what happend on the day of Kuwait, the day of the call, when the corrupt and the traitors went haywire - those corrupt people and traitors who betrayed the nation and the nation collapsed, then they enabled the foreigner to control the destiny of the Arabs, after they themselves gave in to the foreigner. Those corrupt and traitorous people became humiliated when they started fawning upon the foreigner.

Along with them, the imperialist and Zionist circles also became wildly excited, because they realized that there would be no honorable life for the Arabs or serious means of solving their problems if that honourable means did not succeed. Therefore, the liberation of Kuwait and its merger with its mother, Iraq, has become a battle of the Arabs as a whole. It is a battle of the entire Arab nation. A battle of liberation from hunger and want, the battle of starting a decent, prosperous life, without humiliation and servility, a life that is close to God and his laws. Moreover, it and God’s laws are completely identical.

It is the beginnning for the foreigners to respect the Arab demands and respond to them everywhere. It’s the gain on which the Palestinians can base themselves.


It is the means that will contribute greatly to strengthening the ground on which the stone-throwing people (Palestinians) are standing, and to supporting what the Palestinians and Arabs are fighting for. Thus, this is the way Zionism views it as it feverishly deals with the event and coordinates the efforts of aggression with the United States - as though the fire were in its territories or the land of Palestine was being liberated.

On this basis, the imperialists, the deviationists, the traders and brokers of politics, and the lackeys of the foreigners have joined ranks against Iraq, because it represents the nation’s capability and is a declared symbol designed to protect the nation’s honor and rights against harm and desecration. Imperialism and Zionism are standing against Iraq because it represents the conscience of the arab world.

Iraq, O Arabs, is your Iraq ... After all stand in one line, God will bless us. After the unfaithful have unified their ranks, let the faithful join ranks to support Iraq. God will take care of this blessed unity just as he took care of our forefathers, who confronted the tyrants and the unfaithful of the Arabian Peninsula as well as the Persian and Roman tyrants and unfaithful in the battles of the dawn of Islam. God will grant our ranks victory. The evil enemies’ ranks will collapse no matter how strong and no matter what traitors the supporters of the Croesus of Kuwait and the agents of the foreigner are.

Under these conditions the American forces came and Saudi Arabia opened its doors to it under false pretext that the Iraqi army will continue towards them. Denials and clarifications were of no avail. It means that there are plans for aggressive intentions.

The joint policy with the foreigner has become exposed and failed, they are no longer capable of committing this aggression by themselves, so they are not only defying the Arab and Islamic nations and their own; not only challenging their people and the Arab nation; but were challenging God, the day they put Mecca and the tomb of Mohammed under the grip of the foreigner.

Arabs, Moslems, believers in God wherever you are, this is your day to jump up and defend Mecca, hostage of the Americans. O Arabs, O Moslems, O believers wherever you are. This is your day to rise and spread quickly in order to defend Mecca, which is captive to the spears of the Americans and the Zionists.

This is your day to rise quickly to defend the Prophet Mohammed ibn Abdullah, who carries the noble message in this noble land for it to remain holy.

Rise up against evil, against the foreigner who has trampled our sacred rights. Keep the foreigner away from our sacred shrines. Speak up, and rally to the worthy among your rulers so that all may take a united stand of pride, dispel the darkness, expose the rulers who do not know pride, and revolt against whoever deems it acceptable for the emirs of oil to be exposed to harm and driven to obscenity.

Tell the traitors and the rulers who are playing the role of middlemen in the service of foreigners and procuring Arab women for the emirs of oil that they have no place in the land of the Arabs, now that they have sold out the rights of the people and compromised dignity and honor. Make it clear to your rulers, the emirs of oil, as they serve the foreigner; tell the traitors there is no place for them on Arab soil after they humiliated Arab honor and dignity.

Burn the soil under their feet. Burn the soil under the feet of the aggressors and invaders who want harm for your families in Iraq. Until the voice of right rises up in the Arab world, hit their interests wherever they are and rescue holy Mecca and the grave of the Prophet Mohammed in Medina.

O brothers in Egypt; O grandsons of faithful men; O sons of the Urabi revolution of 1919 (in Egypt), the grandchildren of Urabi, Saad Zaghloul (famous Egyptian nationalist), the sons of Gamal Abdel Nasser, it is your day and time. Don’t let the enemy pass through the soil of Egypt to use your waters. You must prevent the foreigners and their fleets from passing through the Suez Canal and crossing Egyptian airspace, lest your airspace and waters be polluted and desecrated, and so that history will not write anything about you that is inappropriate for Egypt.

O sons of the Straits of Hormuz, stop the fleets from moving. Sons in Ras al-Khaimah and Sharjah, Arabs everywhere, your brothers in Iraq are determined on jihad (holy war) without hestiation and without any slowing down, and without fear of the forces of the enemies, in order to win the best of all rewards - victory and the blessings of God and the nation.

We shall be victorious, God willing, and evil and corruption will be trampled wherever it is, the sun will rise on the Arabs and the Moslems and God will be happy after we purify our souls and land from the foreigners.

O brothers: resist the invaders, denounce them, and expose the collaborators, the conniving ones, and the defeatist and impotent ones, and support Iraq. God be with you, and victory will be on the side of the faithful mujahedeen, on the side of the fighting pan-Arabists, and on the side of every noble, free man.

Men said to them (Koranic verses): ″A great army is gathering against you″ and frightened them, but it only increased their faith; they said: ″For us, God suffices, and he is the best disposer of affairs.″

God is great; accursed be the lowly ones.

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