Orchids and Onions: Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 30, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the onions about the left turn from the post office. As stated for years by the police department, the sign is a suggestion, not a law since the sign wasn’t erected by the city. To satisfy your concern, maybe the city could turn Capri into one-way towards Swanson.

Onions to the onions regarding the lack of Red Lobster and Olive Garden in Havasu. Both restaurants suck in comparison to the many fine locally owned eateries we have here. Please stop trying to bring inferior establishments to our community.

Onions to not fixing the bumpy stretch of SR 95 where it crosses Kiowa. Merchants work hard to keep their exteriors attractive, so it is a slap in the face to them. Don’t get me started on how dangerous the deterioration is for drivers.

Onions to business owners who take parking spots in front of other business. Parking on McCulloch is limited. Park behind your places and allow customers a place to park. It might not affect you but it does other people; be a good neighbor.

Orchids to those that have glasses half full. Those that look at the good in a person, their personality, their kindness, their ability to take in we all wish we had. Spread it around. I get it, I live it, I’m proud of it. Ranger Terry.

Onions to the restaurant that is not accommodating to families so they can save money by having to pay for only one chef.

Onions ‘once again’ to the person/persons responsible for putting together “The Havasu 100” movers and shakers list. It bothers me not that I’m absent. To overlook B is a royal slap to the man’s face. I saw several names that should’ve been left off instead of his and mine!

Orchids to the people that ran the coyote away from my dog on Sunday morning on the 2100 block of Holly Avenue.

Orchids to Kmart for the donation of hangers to the Clothing from the Heart Closet. Thank you so much.

Orchids to HCHF for the addition of clothing to the food bank.

Orchids to Calvary Baptist Church for the beautiful instruction of the Clothing from the Heart Closet, and to Dennis and Howard for their labor and time.


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