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Unrequested Haircut Lands Man In Court

April 12, 1996

MORRISVILLE, Pa. (AP) _ The question was: Are restaurant knives as sharp as the ``Ginsu″ knives advertised on television? Michelle Rosati says the way to answer it was definitely NOT to chop off her 2-foot ponytail.

Rosati, 28, of Yardley, said she had been growing her hair for six years before Richard ``Lefty″ Clunn settled a restaurant argument in December by slicing it off.

Now the waitress wants $1,000 an inch in damages, plus an unspecified amount for emotional pain and suffering, according to a story in Friday’s Bucks County Courier Times.

Clunn’s lawyer said he cut her locks on impulse. He was debating with his brother, spotted Rosati’s long hair, walked into the kitchen, grabbed a knife _ and there was the severed proof that the knife was very sharp.

``The poor girl was shocked. Lefty himself was so shocked that he did it, he dropped the knife on the floor, and the hair fell on the table,″ attorney Walter Campbell told the paper.

``He admits it was a stupid act. But he didn’t do it maliciously. It was just a stupid prank that got out of control.″

Clunn, 51, of Hulmeville, was charged with harassment.

Rosati’s attorney, Tom Landis, called the impulse defense ridiculous.

``Now he’s trying to say the whole thing wasn’t intentional. But how can that be? We’ll leave that up to a judge. At the very least, he was negligent.″

Landis said the $1,000-per-inch claim was determined by contacting a reputable hair salon that buys hair to use in wigs. Rosati kept the 2-foot ponytail as evidence.

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