Freeze! It’s National Ice Cream Day

July 15, 2018
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Queen of Hearts, a very dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls and fudge-filled hearts, is a favorite at Greensburg’s McFeely’s Gourmet Chocolate.

McFeely’s Gourmet Chocolate

Marion McFeely, operator of McFeely’s Gourmet Chocolate, 100 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Greensburg, and 202 4th St., Irwin, sells only hand-dipped ice cream from Galliker’s Dairy and Perry’s Ice Cream.

An ice cream trailer ferries frozen treats to festivals and fundraisers, she says.

“I really like having some unique flavors. You want that draw for your customers. One I like (Coconut Almond Delight) tastes just like an Almond Joy,” McFeely says.

Other customer favorites are Deep Sea Treasures, vanilla with caramel swirls and caramel truffle, and Bittersweet Sinphony, a coffee-flavored ice cream with chocolate swirls.

Any flavor can be blended into a milkshake, she adds.

Details: 724-420-5936 or Facebook

Kerber’s Dairy

Kerber’s Dairy, 1856 Guffey Road, North Huntingdon offers lots of ice cream flavors, introduced by Tom Kerber Jr., says his father, Tom Kerber, corporation president.

The dairy offers soft serve, but Kerber says 95 percent of sales come from hand-dipped hard ice cream.

“We are known for our quality. We work with Penn State University for our formula, and make all of our ice cream on-site,” he says.

Tom Kerber Jr. dreams up dozens of innovative flavors, including Cow Patty (chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter candy, brownie cookie dough and chocolate sugar cone pieces) and Muddy Sneakers (white chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, peanut butter balls, big chocolate chunks and caramel sauce).

A current promotion, popular for many years, is Christmas in July, offering customers flavors including pumpkin, cinnamon and eggnog.

Kids still clamour for Dinosaur Crunch, a neon blue vanilla ice cream with vanilla cake crunch, guaranteeing lips and tongues of blue, along with delicious flavor.

Details: 724-863-6930 or Facebook

Dairy Haus

At Scottdale’s Dairy Haus, 810 N. Broadway, the top seller is the vibrant Flavor Burst soft serve, vanilla ice cream with eight flavors of syrup to choose from in a swirl.

“We have 50 flavors of soft serve,” says Kevin Geehring, who owns the shop with his wife, Amy Geehring.

Black raspberry and cheesecake are especially popular.

Customers can choose from 20 flavors of shaved ice, and from traditional treats including shakes, banana splits and sundaes. Frigi floats and shakes offer a combination of slush and ice cream.

“We sell a lot of fruit coolers (fruit, slush, and ice cream),” Geehring adds.

New this year is the every other Sunday at noon appearance of Righteous Hob BBQ.

Details: 724-887-3004 or Facebook

The Meadows Original Custard

Since re-opening in January after being closed for more than a year following a fire, The Meadows Original Custard, 660 Mt. Pleasant St., Greensburg, is finding its customers never went away.

“People run their lives around the (online) calendar, posting it on the fridge,” and waiting for their flavor day, says owner Bob Derito, who operates the Greensburg site with his wife, Deb.

Part of a chain, the only other regional Meadows locations are in Monroeville and Indiana, Derito says.

Custard, he explains, requires specific machinery to produce the dessert that has at least 1.4 percent egg yolk, 10 percent butter fat, and is served at 18 degrees. Custard is manufactured freshly on-site daily.

People go “ballistic,” Derito says, over certain favorites, including Dirty (chocolate) Turtle, butter pecan and peanut butter cup.

“We have vanilla and chocolate daily, with two additional flavors each day,” Derito says.

Eight flavors of Italian ice are available, along with traditional treats banana splits, strawberry shortcakes and sundaes.

Details: 724-850-7020 or Facebook


The stand north of Greensburg has one thing you won’t find anywhere else, but it’s not on the menu: chickens that wander over from a neighboring property to mingle with customers.

What’s on the menu are loads of burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, subs, salads and sides - and an even bigger list of frosty treats made with Dole soft-serve ice cream.

Vanilla, chocolate, twist and two weekly special flavors are always ready, but there also are 50 options for medium-sized custom cones. Customers love the butter pecan and peanut butter, and the fall special pumpkin, says owner Gretchen Kuhns.

Have your soft-serve in a cone, dish, shake, malt, sundae, banana split, Arctic Freeze, Arctic Shake or more. Low-fat, lactose-free treats also are available.

Customers have been flocking (get it?) to Tastyland, at 1476 Business Route 66, since 1950.

Details: 724-834-2026 or tastyland.biz

Latrobe Cone Zone

The name has changed from Mr. B’s Ice Cream and Food, but the tradition of scooping up yummy cold treats continues.

Kylie Roche took over in April as the new owner of the renamed shop at 614 Unity St., Latrobe, and she sees one trend among her customers: “Since we’re in Latrobe, banana splits are pretty popular.”

The Cone Zone offers the usual lineup of vanilla, chocolate and twist soft-serve ice cream; 13 flavors of Galliker’s hard ice cream; no-sugar-added frozen yogurt; sundaes, milkshakes and other specialty sweets.

Flavors can get pretty fancy. “Bourbon caramel cashew is one of my favorites,” Roche says. The weekly frozen yogurt special can be anything from raspberry to cotton candy to Creamsicle. A current offering is the “Meah vs. Tina” sundae to raise funds for a young woman receiving treatment for a brain tumor. There’s also a full daily menu of fast foods and barbecue on the weekends.

Details: 724-539-3676 or Facebook

Peaches ’n Cream

If your name is Dave Peach, of course you call your ice cream shop Peaches ’n Cream and specialize in all things peachy - like peach ice cream and shortcake with fresh peaches.

But that’s not all you’ll find in the shop at 5032 Route 30, Hempfield, where Peach has been making his own premium soft-serve and hard ice creams since 1976. He also makes his own frozen yogurt.

If you need a base for your cone, bowl, milkshake, sundae or other dessert, you can get a cheeseburger or hot dog, but the ice cream is the main attraction.

Customer favorite flavors include peach (of course), raspberry, butter pecan and mint chocolate chip, Peach says. He also likes to challenge taste buds with creations like orange-pineapple, strawberry-Oreo and banana-Clark bar (“but maybe not for much longer, because I can’t find the Clark bars anymore,” he says). Come August, he’ll reintroduce fall favorites like pumpkin pie ice cream and hot apple dumplings.

Details: 724-834-2680 or Facebook

Ligonier Creamery

Asked for the customer favorite flavor, servers Maddie McKee and Alex Gavrilov replied in unison and without hesitation: “Five chocolates!”

That and the other luscious treats are made on site by owner Dave Gehlman at the shop on the Ligonier Diamond.

Along with the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, you’ll find a rotating array of specialties like the new double chocolate peanut butter pie, white chocolate pie, gob and rum raisin.

Each week, there’s a special frozen yogurt and soft-serve flavor, and a choice of about 16 hard ice creams. Other options include a Monster banana split, a milkshake or a Razzle, a milkshake with add-ins.

Details: 724-238-4600 or Facebook

Moxie’s Creamery

The Derry eatery has a big menu of deep-fried appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and chicken and shrimp baskets, but make sure to save room for the main attraction -- the desserts.

If you want soft-serve, hard ice cream, a sundae, a milkshake, Italian ice, frozen yogurt, a slushie or a Snowstorm (a milkshake with add-ins), you’ll find it here.

The soft-serve is whipped up from a Turner’s mix, the ice cream comes from Country Parlour, says manager Jordan Davis. There are weekly specialty flavors at the shop at 560 Route 217.

Something new this season is an Irish-style ice cream bowl, which Davis describes as a fancy sundae-like concoction with alternating layers of sauces, ice creams and other add-ins, topped with whipped cream.

Details: 724-694-8700 or Facebook

Jerry’s Custard

Jerry’s Custard serves a variety flavors, with black raspberry and cake batter as the two most popular, according to owner Tammy Connolly-Lochrane, who re-opened the 2705 7th St., Lower Burrell store in 2001 with her father, Jerry.

He still makes an appearance at the store because he loves seeing the customers enjoying a cold summer treat. The store is located in an open park area which creates the perfect family setting for a cup or cone of custard. It’s usually open from March until October.

Details: facebook.com/jerryscustard or 724-335-4171

Sweetie’s Ice Cream

The shop has been at 6273 Leechburg Road, Allegheny Township, Leechburg for two decades and was purchased by Ed Spix two years ago who has nearly 30 years in the ice cream business.

The store is known for its “Yinzer” Premium Sundaes such as the chocolate dipped strawberry which has strawberry ice cream chocolate chips and Hershey chocolate syrup. The shop makes its waffle cones -- 500 a week. Sweetie’s serves hard and soft ice cream.

Details: 724-236-0232 or sweetiessundaes.com

Barkley’s Derry Freeze

Size matters at this place.

“We don’t do little things,” says owner Ron Patton of the restaurant at 1276 Fourth Ave. in Derry. “Our cones are a really good size.”

The Derry King offers about a dozen flavors of Hershey’s hard ice cream and 30 flavors of Galliker’s soft-serve, along with a fat-free vanilla yogurt to which other flavors can be added.

Customer favorites include the hot fudge sundae and green mint chip ice cream, but there’s a full array of shakes, slushies, cones, bowls and other chilly desserts. Two things Patton says he sells that other area ice cream shops probably don’t have are the churro and fried ice cream sundaes.

Details: 724-694-8552 or Facebook

Brr-Kee’s Homemade Ice Cream

Brr-Kee’s, 539 Allegheny Ave., Oakmont, serves around 20 flavors, which change throughout the week. The shop serves hard ice cream, yogurt and sorbet and is known for ice cream cakes.

One of the most popular flavors is butter pecan, which contains nuts from Georgia. The store is open year round.

Details: facebook.com/brr-kees-ice-cream or 412-828-4666

Glen’s Frozen Custard

This fourth-generation family-owned custard shop has two locations -- 400 Pittsburgh St., Springdale and 2796 Leechburg Road, Lower Burrell -- and offers 40 different flavors -- not all at the same time. Open March into November, Glen’s serves pumpkin and apple cider flavors in the fall. Every item is made with the freshest ingredients of high-quality milk, cream and eggs and in small batches, so it’s always fresh. Enjoy some in a cup or on a sugar, cake or waffle cone. Try a waffle cone dipped in chocolate.

Details: 724-274-5516 or 724-335-5516 or glenscustard.com

Cindy’s Soft Serve Custard & More

This store at 621 First Ave., Tarentum opened in the spring and offers 20-plus flavors of custard and hard ice cream. Some of the most asked for are birthday cake batter and mint chocolate chip, which can be served in a cup or on a cake, sugar or waffle cone. Toppings include strawberries, chocolate, fudge, cookies, cherries and nuts.

Details: 724-671-7626 or facebook.com/cindys.ssam

The Real McCoy’s

After your dinner, order from a wide array of Turner’s soft-serve treats at this casual dining spot at 4750 Route 711 in Fairfield.

Owner Desiree Smith Jasper says top-sellers include the Mudslide Flurry, a milkshake with hot fudge, caramel syrup and crushed Oreos.

Other favorites are the Oreo Flurry, banana split and the Super Bowl, a brownie topped with ice cream, hot fudge and peanut butter syrups and whipped cream.

Details: 724-238-6587 or Facebook

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