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Foreign Passengers in Crashed Plane Listed With AM-Japan-Crash

August 12, 1985

TOKYO (AP) _ Here is a list of the 21 foreign passengers aboard a Japan Air Lines jumbo jet that crashed in the mountains of central Japan Monday night, as provided by the airline:

1. Edward Anderson, Stearns Catalytic Co., Denver, Colo.

2. Michael Hanson, Stearns Catalytic Co., Denver, Colo.

3. Kimble Mathews, Enfield, England

4. Haarlad Gurke, Pforzhaim, West Germany

5. Mr. A. Moroni, Italy

6. Mr. C. Moroni, Italy

7. Mr. C. L. Tam, Hong Kong

8. Mr. M. M. Lee, Hong Kong

9. Ms. L. K. Cheung, Hong Kong

10. Ms. Chidan Yeung, Hong Kong

11. Mrs. Soontuck Chung

12. Mr. S. Chhawchharia

13. Mr. Christopher Kim

14. Mrs. Okja Kim

15. Mr. Scott Kim

16. Mr. J. Klaubert

17. Mr. K. Mukherjee

18. Mrs. T. Mukherjee

19. Mr. W. Waro

20. Zuishou You

21. Mr. Shioh Ahn

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