Digital Mike: Author reading synopsis is artful and engaging

August 4, 2018


I’m a book fan, and each summer my interest in a new slate of books and authors rises. I found a fun blog that might help you round out your reading or interest in authors.

Last night’s reading

Kate Gavino goes to lots of author readings. While she’s there, she hones her impressive artistic skills by sketching the artist and jotting in her favorite quote of the night. She began doing it in 2013. Two years later she turned her blog into a book. But she still continues it. It’s not a full summary of the artist’s visit, but gives you a quick taste of the talk and can set you on your way to explore more. Even if it doesn’t interest you in exploring books, you should scan through for some thoughtful inspiration. Give it a look.


Fifty-two places to visit

The New York Times has sent a writer to its 52 places to visit, a list that essentially keeps you on the move for each week of the year. It’s entertaining, interactive and includes practical travel advice. It’s been going for half the year, but that doesn’t mean you missed out. Track back or pick the destinations that intrigue you. It’s good.


Who votes where

The Times also has a fascinating look down to the precinct of how saturated the area was for a presidential candidate. In some cases, an area might be an island for one candidate, surrounded by heavy doses of the other candidate. In other cases, the area is awash in its support and you’d have to drive many miles to find that level of support for the other candidate. Move around the map and then squeeze in to see the details and read some of the analysis. You’ll be better for it.


Lots of land

Bloomberg News has a great graphic that puts into illustration how our land is used and how that use is clustered or spread out. It shows federal land, agricultural land and lots more. Look, learn and ponder.


Eagle eye

The D.C. Eagle Cam is a good way to do it. They’ve got multiple cameras and audio. Together it adds up to an engaging look at this one Endangered Species. Click around on the cameras. You never know what you see when you look at live birds. Thanks to a guy with eagle eyes, Jack Erwin, for spotting this one and passing it along.


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