2019 Nissan Titan gets a new Fender sound system

December 23, 2018

Two years ago, Nissan came out with a newly redesigned Titan that was sorely needed at the time, as the previous version had become tired and somewhat a thing of the past as pickup trucks go. Having now become more than just a way to move stuff around, new trucks are available with just as much luxury and style as any sedan out there.

For that reason alone, we loved the fact that Nissan revamped the Titan. After gaining many awards in the first year of the new edition from many different press groups across the nation, it will be very interesting to see how soon another major upgrade takes place. This year brings new offerings from Ram, GMC and Chevrolet, with each redesigning their primary pickup truck.

Driving the Pro-4X is a unique experience in that it is not the top trim level that Nissan has to offer in the Titan. However, it was very well-equipped and enjoyable to drive. Each year, it seems there are more and more items drifting over from Nissan’s Infiniti line to all their models, and the Titan is no exception to this phenomenon.

We noticed right away that the controls for heating and cooling the seats were the same as we have experienced with Infiniti. Yes, the leather clad seating in the Pro 4X were both heated and cooled, along with the steering wheel, that was also leather-wrapped and heated. It certainly made the early mornings of mid-November much more tolerable. To that end, we also enjoyed the remote start function in the Titan that allowed the entire truck to be warm before we went out.

Also new to the 2019 Titan across the entire lineup will be a 7-inch touchscreen that will include NissanConnect SM with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These will be great additions, especially on the lower trim levels. The larger screen will also make accomplishing functions via one’s phone much easier.

The Titan comes equipped with a 5.6 liter Endurance engine that is made in America, produces 390 horsepower and 394 foot-pounds of torque and will tow up to 9,660 pounds, along with a payload capacity of 1,860 pounds. It is mated to a seven-speed transmission that proved to be adequate. With more gears this year, we are hoping that Nissan will do the same for an ever smoother ride and transition between gears.

We did, however, get 17.5 miles per gallon for our week with the Titan, which is right where the EPA puts that truck. We did that with a trip to Salt Lake one day, along with driving all over Utah Valley — pretty common everyday use. We did take some time to pull an 8,000 pound trailer that the Titan handled with ease, but only for about 25 miles so it would not have affected the mileage too much. However, the Titan did arrive after the trip from Denver showing 19.9 mpg, which we felt was about right for the mostly freeway drive.

This year, with the addition of the Pro-4X utility package comes a fantastic sound system that has been created through a collaboration between Fender Musical Instruments and Panasonic Automotive Systems engineers. The goal is to create an environment where the sound system could reproduce the “excitement and emotion of a live performance.”

To us, this just seems like the perfect fit for a company whose U.S. headquarters are located in Nashville, Tennessee, where it is all about the live performance venues. Since we have been in the live sound business for a very long time, we were very excited to see and most importantly hear, the new system that first debuts in the Titan. According to Nissan, it will soon make its way as an offering in the entire line.

The whole system is based through a 485-watt nine-channel amplifier, with 12 speakers placed and designed to keep that original live sound element. We were overly impressed with how tight the bass was, not getting muddy as many subwoofers tend on the market today to do. In our opinion, it is one of the best systems out there. Nissan, along with Fender and Panasonic, have done a superb job in bringing that live element to the spacious cab environment of a full-sized truck.

Since the redesign of the Titan, we think it has one of the most impressive exterior looks in the business, with just the right amount of aggressiveness combined with a little luxury to give the sense of a commanding presence on the road.

Buying a truck nowadays can be a very time-consuming adventure, and will come down to personal preference and desire for different options and creature comforts in what are now, quite frankly, luxury cabins.

Nissan has made giant strides over the past few years in the pickup world and we would recommend checking out the new Titan. You might just be surprised at how far they have come.

The new Titans should be arriving this month at dealers. See them at Ken Garff Nissan in Orem, 285 W. University Parkway, 866-448-0127, and at Tim Dahle Nissan South Towne, 11155 S. Jordan Gateway, South Jordan 84095 (801) 495-3800

Base Price: $46,710

Price as Driven: $54,290

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